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Full Version: Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi
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"You're my only hope"  

Hi everyone.  I have a very simply issue that I can not seem to figure out.  I want to add to the menu bar.  I have followed the steps to "add".  I can see the new item that I've added (while still in the add stage).  I click back and it tells me that its writing the new menu, but the new box still does not appear on my menu bar when its done.  Eeek, its driving me crazy!  Any help would be appreciated.  Much love, Miss B Wink
You have to add a thumbnail. It's an image from your media folder that you should have added prior to adding the addon.
Hi there ! I'm not sure what you mean, but I will try it when I get home today. Let me show you what I used as a guide.  See below:New Basic ItemLet's make an example with the Youtube addon (you have to install it from the add-on browser):
  • Click on "Add" to create a new item in the home menu. You can see a new item with Label set to "None", Action set to "Noop" and background and thumbnail set to "Default". This item is empty and will not produce anything in the home menu if you leave it like this.
  • Let's make the item call the Youtube addon. Click the "Choose shortcut" button -> Select the "Add-on" item in the list -> Select the YouTube entry in the list -> Select the first entry in the list "Create shortcut to here".
  • Now the custom home item has changed Label, icon with the Youtube logo, and action with "ActivateWindow(......)". You do not need anything more.
  • Exit the Home Menu editor by pressing "Esc" or "Back" on the remote.
  • Exit Skin settings by pressing "Esc" or "Back" on the remote.
  • You should see at the top a progress dialog telling that Kodi is building the menu.
  • Exit the Settings screen and you should be in the home menu and see a working Youtube icon as the last item in the menu.
That's all for a basic configuration.

Do you have know of a visual link that I can walk through instead of the one I used which is from here:  https://github.com/Tgxcorporation/skin.n...leshooting  

Thank you for responding so quickly ! Smile
I'm in bed atm.. Tomorrow, I Will explain in detail how to add an image to your media folder.
Are you on pc or Android box?
I have a Amazon Fire Stick
I'm not sure about a fire stick. Never used one.
It should be the same procedure as an Android box.
Come to think about it, it is much easier to add images to the folder via pc. On Android box and fire stick, it's a little different. Not sure if you can connect a usb to the fire stick.
OK.. Just been on it again. When you are adding a new menu item, click on add, then click on Choose item for menu.

Follow guide above. This will give you an addon icon.
I played with it some more today when I got home from work. Thanks for the assist. I was successful !

Signed, Princess Leila 💜