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Full Version: Kodi 17.6 video quality issue
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I have started to use Kodi few days ago and although I like the look and feel a lot and the way the software presents movies.

The only drawback is that the video quality is somewhat ppor compared to the internal video streamer in my LG OLED TV.

The collors are over-saturated, especially in reds but colors generally aren't good. Also it lacks sharpness a bit.

I am using a Kaby Lake Intel with onboard graphics and Windows 10.

From what I was reading in the instructions I think I did the right settings, like Full-Size Playback etc. 

When I lower the brightness and contrast settings during movie playback it helps a bit but not completely.

The Intel Graphics cannot be the reason cause when I play the same file with VLC it looks perfect.

Any ideas appreciated...
(Un)Check the "Use limited colour range (16-235)" option in the Settings/System/Display section...?
There is this contrast enhancement in the intel gpu settings that VLC by default ignores (no DXVA) but kodi picks up.
Yeah that might be it cause when I set "hardware accelaration (DXVA2)" to off it solved the issue and the quality is just fine.

Also I set the Rendering method to "Software". I seems DXVA doesn't work so well with my graphics driver.
Check those intel settings first, please.
Thanks for this hint!
Intel had several picture enhancements set to "on" by default.
I wasn't expecting this. Now everything works fine.