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Full Version: XBOX ONE S NFS shares not displaying unless WinNFSd used
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Hi All, I thought I'd give Kodi on XBOX One S a crack as I noticed an app available, however it doesn't seem to be able to display my network NFS sources. I saw on youtube someone got it working with WinNFSd and it did infact work, so I moved my advancesetting and source xml's across and the media library is visible and working fine. The problem now is when I try to play the media the XBOX still can't access them on my shares (which is on my QNAP) so there appears to be a difference between how the NFS system that windows and my QNAP is using and the one that WinNFSd is using. Is there anything I need to do to get the xbox to see my shares that aren't being created with WinNFSd?
Latest build has SSH/SFTP support. You can try this if QNAP support SSH.
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I'm running a Kodi Database, so I'd need to change all my paths for all my media manually to make it work, not difficult but a bit risky. Any idea if there are any plans to make it work with windows SMB sharing?
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Features not yet implemented

1.Accessing remote SMB/samba shares - still working on a solution compatible with UWP limitations