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Full Version: Some issues with Kodi 17.6
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I love this kin and I use it on my RP2, PC (Win10) and recently the Nvidia sheild (running Android).
I use a keyboard+mouse for all. 

On Android, I noticed that the mouse pointer is not shown at the correct positions on the screen.
For example, I see that a menu item is selected but the mouse is pointer is shown way below it.

This prevents me from using the mouse almost at all (end especially affects the right click).
Arrows on the keyboard work well as before.

Has anyone else experiencing this issue? is there a fix?

Estuary has some shortcomings in the mouse department where it concerns positioning. A fix will not be provided anytime soon.

In all my years of HTPC use, a keyboard is always quicker than a mouse anyway. And since you have both... Tongue