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Full Version: NFS on my ubuntu server (NO LONGER REQUIRED)
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Hi guys, 

Haven't had the need to use NFS for some time and its running but i seem to have some errors in my exports can anyone gimme a quick fix? 

part of /etc/exports - as it currently stand maybe some syntax has changed on me:

 "/media/derek/MEDIA0"  *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001) 
"/media/derek/MEDIA1"   *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001) 
"/media/derek/MEDIA2"   *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001)
"/media/derek/MEDIA4"   *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001)  
"/media/derek/MEDIA4"   *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001) 
"/media/derek/MEDIA5"   *(rw,async,insecure,all_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001) 

I have in my exports this running from MEDIA0 to MEDIA24 - Then some other drives DRIVE0 to DRIVE9

Any quick fix appreciated.
Should i use one of these? : 

/mymediapath           gss/krb5i(rw,sync,fsid=0,crossmnt,no_subtree_check)
/mymediapath           gss/krb5i(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)

I noticed these examples.

really up against it, I'd like it to be RW for scrapers and to save artwork.

I seem to have a similair prob. on my mac which also shares some external drives via NFS but again not used in some time - same or similar formatting of exports.
Right ive fixed my mac shares but there seems to be some different syntax so for ubuntu can someone give me a working like from their exports with the latest ubuntu release non stable.
SSH/SFTP is working now. No need to strugle with NFS any more.
ok cool, dont really use NFS anymore so thats helpful cheers lad.

All working with SSH thanks my man appreciated didnt realise that was working.