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Full Version: Xbox Feature Request: Match Controller Keyboard Controls to Xbox
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Feature Request:  When using the Xbox UWP, when on the keyboard screen could you make it so the keyboard matches the Xbox Controller controls like a keyboard would work on the Xbox console?

Example controls

X is backspace
Y is space

Left Trigger (LT) moves cursor left
Right Trigger (RT) moves cursor right

Left bouncer switches the keyboard layout to different keyboards (if supported in Kodi)

Left Stick down makes the letters caps

The hamburger button (the circle button with lines in the middle right of the controller) - is basically enter or return

Advanced option: (hard to do integrate if API doesn't allow it)
The pizza boxes button is microphone, audio to text
You can change buttons as you want. In Profile under keymaps folder create gamepad.xml and change defaults from https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...amepad.xml

follow instructions at wiki http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_keymaps
His recommendation was to conform to the already established Xbox "controller to keyboard" button mapping standard that Microsoft uses for all their interactions with a controller.  It will be more natural for the end users to follow this conformity as it is how the platform functions any other time a keyboard is on screen.  No point in making them (us Smile) relearn how to use the controller when keyboard is on screen.
Xbox platform is not the only platform for Kodi. There is no difference on handling gamepad between all platforms. There are two options only. Or we change default mapping to correspond xbox and users on other platforms will complain about this, or users of xbox will change mappings for their preferences.
this would be an improvement across the board. current mapping is a bit of a pain, and i doubt anyone would protest these changes globally. it's basically not mapped for the gamepad at all, you just have the generic select and nav keys mapped. none of those would change. i have been meaning to get this done for some time, but i urhm, always end up watching stuff instead Wink
Iirc the mapping for nvidia shield controller is also "wrong" Wink
There was a big button mapping thing that happened a few years ago, but I think a lot of that has been lost in the intervening time. For example, Shield is definitely way wrong now. Or it was last I checked. 

Out of curiosity, what does the B button do when the keyboard is on the screen? My assumption is that B would be backspace, since it's back everywhere else. I don't have an Xbox so don't know these things.
The B button just closes the on screen keyboard, until some other input form is clicked on which requires it then it brings it back. X is backspace.
B means "navigate back", similar to the "go back" on any mobile phone OS.

I think consistency with the platform the build is supposed to run is nice to have and I don't think it will clutter your code too much.