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Full Version: Kodi 18 ALPHA1 Windows Phone Lumia 950
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(Sorry for my bad English..)
Hey Guy, When i Downloadet and Open Kodi for Windows Phone on Lumia 950 isnt the Screen Complete (The Screen is not Complete)
Wow i can't send a Link to the Picture..
How can i fix it?
How do you download Kodi for Windows 10 Mobile?
(2018-01-16, 18:19)Plantje Wrote: [ -> ]How do you download Kodi for Windows 10 Mobile?

Ah ok, that way... I'm not really into sideloading my own apps. I'll just wait until it comes in the store.
Id downloaded from the mirrors.kodi..
I tried the link, but there doesn't seem to be anything there to download. Is there a new location for the uwp-ARM version? Please help, I have Lumia 950
UWP on mobile devices is no longer supported as it's been dropped by Microsoft from the latest SDK we use to build Kodi for UWP.
Is there any plans to continue working on it? Or should i just give up on kodi for Windows Phone all together?
There is nothing to do from our side. It's just no possible to run Kodi on current Windows Phone version, because Kodi requires 16299 build which is not available on windows phone. You can ask Microsoft to release 16299 Windows Phone build
To be honest, I think you should give up on Windows Phone altogether...