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Full Version: [MacOS] High CPU Usage when a video is started
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Hello Team!

I do have a problem on my kodi. I do have latest kodi version and latest MacOS High Sierra update installed on a MacBook Pro Retina mid2015. When I stream any video from a folder on my computer through Kodi, the temperature of my laptop gets very hot and the fans goes at the maximum level. I'm really not an expert about video but I noticed that the videos with HVEC codec gets my laptop hotter than H264. I initially though it could be a problem of my laptop or the new MacOS High Sierra. But streaming the same video with a video player like VLC doesn't make any problem! I'm wondering it there is some setting I can change in Kodi, or this can be resolved in the next update. I don't know but I hope you can help me to solve this out!

Cheers and have a good day
Do you have hw acceleration (vtb) on? Note this Mac does not support hw decoding of hevc 10 bit.
Hi Fernet and thanks for your answer

Do you mean if I have this setting on inside kodi? I'm not sure and I will check and let you know. I think I tried both options (On and Off) few days ago, without success.

What do you mean exactly that the mac doesn't support hw decoding? The same video works great on VLC! But I just prefer to use kodi library and if I could use it without getting my laptop very hot that would be great!

I have a MacBook Pro 2015 too. The GPU supports decoding of h.264 but not hevc 10bit. That means decoding of hevc 10bit has to be done by the CPU. Same constrains for VLC!

Play a h.264 video and press the "o" key:

thanks for the screenshot! 

Can't test right now but I will soon. 

All I can tell you now is that the same video (.MKV) with hvec codec got my mac very hot on kodi and not issues on VLC.

Have a good day!