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Full Version: Xbox when running kodi not keeping controller active.
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Hello anyone else have issues when using headphones plugged into the controller the controller turns off like it's not active when watching anything in kodi.
I'm not sure that it's possible to prevent sleeping for gamepads
(2018-01-17, 08:31)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure that it's possible to prevent sleeping for gamepads
 This is correct, it is not possible prevent XB1 controllers from going to sleep. It's been a long requested feature for MS to add an option to prevent it...

The only current workarounds, that I am aware of, are connecting the controller to the XB1 via the plug and play cable. ( or any compatible USB cable )
Or you can try the "rubber band trick"  where you use a rubber band on one of the thumb sticks to hold it to the side. ( May cause addition wear on controller and you'll have to remap your thumb stick functions for kodi )
Hmm I will try it out side of kodi again. But in kodi it is like 10mins time limit all idle setting etc are correct or at max.
Don't you have exactly the same behavior when playing DVD/BR movie from disk in the BlueRay player by MS?
The XB1 puts the controllers to sleep no matter what you are doing, watching DVD/BR, playing games, netflix, everything. There is no option to disable it currently, only work arounds unfortunately...
I don't use it for blue ray etc. I know the xb makes it go to sleep but in kodi the time is shorter is what I am saying. This is my setup I am running 5 XBones on my media wall in kodi it is like maybe 15 mins outside it they turn off after about 30mins the time seems shorter in kodi. Image
Kodi doesn't control and doesn't change idle time.
Ok I will check I just don't remember it being that short of time previously when watching tv etc on the xbone
Quote:Your Xbox One Wireless Controller is designed to shut down, or "time out," after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is intended to conserve the battery life.

Source: support.xbox.com/xbox-one/accessories/controller-timeout-help
I think Netflix handles it somehow.