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Full Version: Playback failed message
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I've just loaded Kodi for the first time on windows 10. I've downloaded a video add on, on catch up TV, when trying to download programs I keep getting a "playback failed" message. I am looking at UK tv channel playbacks and am in Spain. Please keep in mind I'm a 69 year old non computer literate fossil when replying.
Most such addons are geo-locked, meaning they are country limited. UK ones for example require a UK IP address, which you won't have in Spain.

One suggestion is the add-on linked below which had some UK channels and does work abroad.


You may also benefit from a read of some of the links in my signature below to get you going as there are a lot of dodgy 3rd party addons or there which use illegally sourced pirated media that you'd be advised to avoid.
Thanks Darren, I'll give it a go.