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Full Version: 3d and streaming help please
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so im new to kodi i used it a bit back when it was xmbc but only to watch movies i already had, i wanted to know if it was possible to make movies 3d or at least make them side by side, and how necessary it is to use a vpn for streaming movies, i have a vpn but when i use it the add ons i have wont load anything, im using the android app btw if that helps at all, also im not sure if this is in the right place to post this but any help is appreciated either way
Making movies from 2D into 3D is not possible. Film makers use special 3D camera setups to create the effects necessary for these movies. It cannot be recreated afterwards.

VPN is not an essential part to run Kodi, so there will be no official support for that. We all know why VPN is used, and support for streaming movies illegally will not be given on this forum, as per the forum rules (wiki) and our piracy policy (wiki) which you of course have full read upon registering on this forum.
yea and sudafed is for allergies it doesnt stop people from using it to make meth, just because some people use vpns to watch movies doesnt mean everyone does, but thanks anyways