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Full Version: Playing 4K H265 MKV movies on Kodi
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Can Kodi (on Windows 10) properly play a 4K h265 MKV movie file that contains HDR, Atmos, etc?  If so, what are the hardware requirements on a windows 10 HTPC?
It can if you have a CPU or external GPU that supports HEVC 10 bit hardware decode (most stuff released in the last 12-18 months)

CPU probably Kaby lake or newer, GPU Geforce 960 or 10xx range

Anything older then you may struggle as software decode of this is very CPU intensive

Also note that HDR support in Kodi is still a bit of WIP and not fully automated/easy yet
Are there any tricks for this?  I have a Kaby Lake Intel NUC7i5BNK (Iris Plus 640), but nothing I do (even DSPlayer) seems to enable hardware decoding on all HEVC 4k files.  Switching to D3D11 for a video decoder (rather than QuickSync) seems to work for some files, but not all  

Are there specific settings for Kodi on Windows that will work for this?  Would LibreElec perform any better?
What OS are you running?  Windows 8.1/10 is required for 10 bit decoding support.

If you have files that wont play correctly, you could try playing them in VLC to help identify if it is a Kodi issue.  Otherwise I would suggest submitting
1) A debug log
2) Mediainfo for the files with issues https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo
3) A sample if possible