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Full Version: How to force Kodi to use Full subtitles
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Hi everyone,

I don't understand how to force Kodi to use the Full subtitles and not only the Forced subtitles

I setted the language as English and the Subtitles as French but I want Full subtitle otherwise it's never translate. So every time I start a movie or tvshow I need to change it.

Do you think I miss something?

Thank you
Full or forced subtitles is something how the subtitles are created. Kodi has no artificial intelligence section that knows when to use a subtitle for a different language in a movie section or not.
If you have subtitles for only certain foreign language parts in a movie, then you downloaded the wrong subtitle.
Oh ok, so if I understand, I can't tell it, take this or this subtitle by default. In fact, I get very often something like that: French FORCED (1) and French FULL (2) as subtitles, so it's not a wrong subtitle in this case.

I guess it's by name so O is earlier than U. A regex filter could be a good feature to tell if two subtitles in French are available, in this case you choose this regex.

Thank you for this answer