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Full Version: [Release] Quartz 6: Quartz meets Estuary (Krypton support)
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Quartz 6 starting from a clean sheet

As you all probably know Quartz was originally created by Pecinko. After putting all his effort in Quartz 4, version 5 of his skin was born. Up to recently there was a post for Quartz 5 development lead by Pecinko himself. After having seen all this great work I decided to put myself on the development of this skin to. After adding a lot of smaller features as wel as making it compatible with the latest versions of Kodi I've decided to start from a blank canvas again (using the default Estuary skin as a baseline). The main idea is to give all the users a full kodi experience:
  • This means that LiveTV, addons, etc should all work properly now
  • Customizable skin with minimal design features
  • Like previous builds of Quartz you can expect it to run smoothly on low-powered devices like the RPi2 and RPi3
So, what to expect from this new thread? In short, you'll find the different links to Git, where you'll be able to download the skin. Next to that the goal is also to get your feedback or possible enhancements I could implement for this skin. I would like to accentuate that I would happily merge other forks into this Quartz version if this is requested. Next to that you'll find different polls etc.


Github: https://github.com/TPX01/skin.quartz6.krypton
Kodi repo: Coming soon
(This will allow you to update the skin more easily through Kodi)

  • Watched status icons will be updated to be in line with Quartz 5
  • Make sure it works properly with touch devices



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watch gallery
Reserved for future purposes
you can't just change estuary's home screen & call it Quartz !!!!!!! two different structures all together  Oo
Did you check out the skin? What are your thoughts?

To be honest I'm doing my best to make sure the true Quartz look and feel is coming back while maintaining all the functionality Kodi can offer. Expect a lot of small improvements upcoming months to make sure you get the look and feel of Quartz 5.

By the way.. currently the description of this skin is Quartz meets Estuary. Maybe a beter name to use in this post?
Thanks for your nice Work!
great work, please make the home menus and home media shelf customizable with favorites and addons as it was in original quartz thanks!