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Full Version: spectrum visualization
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In music when I play anything I have fanart in background but I also have a visualization in background which I can't get rid of. I believe it is spectrum.

I have visualization turned off in several places but it is still there. Aeon MQ8 skin. This has happened before but somehow I got rid of it then but don't remember how.

Any ideas?

You don't say what version of Kodi you are using?

There was a viz bug in the v18 nightly that has now been fixed, so if you are testing v18 alpha then just download a new version.

But guessing that you are using some earlier offical release what you need to do is change the visualisation settings.
Quote:I have visualization turned off in several places
Where? Although Aeon MQ8 skin may have changed the location of settings compared to where they are in Estuary makng any detailed description I could give futile.

Perhaps the most simple is via OSD during playback. Try that perhaps.
Also worth trying to see if the default theme Estuary has the same issue.