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Full Version: Some Blu-Ray ISO disc menus not supported, others are?
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First off thank you so much for External HD Blu-Ray ISO access! 

What I've noticed so far is only about 2 out of 10 Blu-ray ISOs work.  I mostly get "Playback failed, the menu of this Blue-Ray is not supported" then the disc is unplayable and Kodi crashes to the dashboard.  Is there some rhyme or reason behind this?  Can I help by reporting what works and what does not in any way?

I've also noticed that any HD audio track slows the video stream to a crawl.

There was discussion about that on main kodi forum (either linux or windows, don't remember)
From what I do remember it was under development for Leia 18 version and some UHD menu worked while other did not.
Debug log will probably help.

Hardware playback for HEVC was disabled for xbox in latest version. So yes its crawling Smile (check known issues sticky)
This might be the thread you are referring to... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=316378
BD-J Blu-ray menus need a JAVA environment, which I'm not sure is available to us on the XBOX. So those Blu-rays won't work. HDMV menus should work though, which probably the few working ones have. You can check if the menus require Java or not by having a look at the folders of the bluray. If there is a bd-j folder, it's required.
I wish I have more time to dig into this.
Based on link below it sounds like there are some possibilities.
(2018-01-25, 16:19)uomiarz Wrote: [ -> ]Based on link below it sounds like there are some possibilities.
BD-J Menu requires Java run-time i.e. JVM. 
The project linked above allows compile a program written on Java to native UWP (Do you feel a difference?). It uses iKVM which is JVM for CLR i.e. .Net. Kodi can't use .Net assemblies.
There is only one chance to get JVM on UWP its' try to compile OpenJDK project

Edit: here is some tries https://github.com/MeFisto94/openjdk but work is very far the end
Bummer there is no work-around or some way to emulate the BD-J Menu. This would basically make it the only player many people would ever need! Smile

Thank you for the responses and hard work!