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Full Version: How to play a video downloaded to android sd card?
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Hi! I am going on a long car drive. I have downloaded some of my videos I wish to view in hopes I could play the locally inside of kodi. 
How would I find the videos and set it up in kodi so I can play them from the external storage?
Driving while watching videos is not the safest thing to do... Shocked

But, normally LibreELEC will mount any possible USB/SD device plugged in, so they should be visible at least under the /media folder. Use a different partition label on each of your SD card(s) if possible.
Hopefully,  todayismyluckyday8   isn't so stupid he would watch a movie while driving, only a moron would do that
@Klojum and @bubblegum57 reminded me of this:

(3:56 - 4:46)
Thank you. I won't be watching, it's for my daughter in backseat.