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Full Version: Why am I not a donor?
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I donated a few years back and just noticed my profile doesn't show with a donor below my name.

Maybe it was on an older version of the forums?? Any thoughts?
Rene - if you can send me some info I can take a look and update your profile. The donor tag is for a total of $50. you can send to me via pm
We should not have lost any donor tags during any of the forum upgrades.
If you can show us you donated the required amount to get the tag (has always been 50$) i'll make sure to add it to your profile.
Donor status should not have been affected, i changed the default group myself to something else than ‘donor’.
Maybe OP can do the opposite..
Ahhh... I'm not here a lot (hence the late response), but I believe my donation was $25.

In that case you can get the donor tag for an additional $25 Big Grin
Or you can make a signature "halfway on my way to earning a donor tag!"
Talking about signatures: "XBMC running on..." ?! Oo
Some things never change. Wink
Better??  Big Grin