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Full Version: a rapid pictures visualiser
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Hi everyone,

I am look for a way to watch my pictures on Kodi. The visualisation (next picture) must be as fast a possible, because I watch a lot of pictures.

Is there any extension or app who use a cache feature ?

Many thanks for you help

You want the image to display faster, according to you should compress the image will make the transfer will be much faster

We are not a photography forum. There are bigger, better and more expertise forums that you can subscribe to that can offer you photography related assistance.

Though, I do think you are a discrete spammer, so I will keep watching your movements. Don't be surprised if you receive a sudden ban.
Hello! I have same question! Some other solutions please!
With the default skin "Estuary" it last a verry long time to watch pictures in a slideshow.

Try to use the "Conluence" Skin.  (It solves my problems to watch lots of pictures, i use XConfluence)
In -> Settings -> Player ->Pictures -> Amount of time to display each image: 3 seconds is a good time to watch pictures.