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Full Version: New 4K Oled TV, what resolution to set for Kodi ?
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Just installed my new 4K TV and I was wondering what's the best resolution to set for Kodi? (Leave it at 1080p and let the TV handle upscaling ... Or set it at 4K ?)
FYI : I have a 6th gen i5 NUC with Win10 and Aeon Nox skin.  4K resolution works, but the menu feels a bit sluggish. Media is playing fine though ...

I don't have a lot of 4K content (yet), but what happens if I play a 4K file while Kodi is set to 1080p ? Will Kodi downscale it to 1080p ?
Best I suppose is in the "eye of the beholder".  I think it best to experiment and see on your setup.  For 480i source material if Kodi is 1080p you are upscaling in Kodi, then again in the display to 4k.  But if the source is 1080p then Kodi is not upscaling and all is being done in the display.

scott s.