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Full Version: Library Helper
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For use with Kodi 18  ONLY !!!

For now it is a simple script that will associate the Movie set/collections  Artwork with the correct image. 

I have tested it will my personal Library that has over 200 collections...  way more then I wanted to do individually.

I may add more to the script in time as of now it will set the correct collection artwork for each movie set and will print a text file with a list collections that where set in the addon_data folder.

Works with Artwork Beef as well.

Test it let me know if for some strange reason it will not work for you.

I will not make this backwards compatible sorry.

Library Helper
Can you explain what this script is supposed to do? After evaluating the code I'm stumped... It appears to collect user moviesets from json, then set movieset details using the same meta it just received... What does this accomplish? Also can you explain the need for movieset info in a txt file?
So for me using Kodi 18 nightly I rescraped my library which is well over 1000 movies in turn gave me over 200 moviesets....well Kodi may download the set art work to sets and setfanart but that is still no good in the skin yet. So this script sets the set artwork to poster and fanart so that it is actually being used by the skin... By default the poster and fanart are set to the first movies poster and fanart in the collection.

As far as the text file I am adding to it but when done it output the movies collections that where changed and will output another file that did not and have the missing artwork.... But that part isn't finished yet... I figured I would share this now even if not 100% complete just because it does the main intention of setting artwork
Also for me I want a printed out list of all the Blu-ray movies I have so that I don't buy duplicates... So I am planning on adding a option to print the entire library to a text file as well.

And figure I can expand even more in time... Or I can merge this script with the special features plugin. But I haven't thought that far ahead yet... I just wanted my artwork to show hahaha
I can't imagine this being ideal for most users. I would suggest you consider renaming the plug-in to something unique and descriptive and perhaps include a description that warns users this can override their artwork.

I will consider renaming or merging my other addon... and as part of not being Ideal I am sure your right..... but have you tried setting up a test version just to see how it works.. it is less then ideal that kodi downloads/cache all the artwork for the moviesets and still do not use the artwork ...  if it had finish the job it started it would not be a need for this at all...... all this does is add the artwork to the proper place.  And again this will be for local library only.  

Either way I figured it may help some people it fix all my artwork that 213 collections in about 2 mins... it did skip about 5 collection because I didn't have all artwork... I will have to account for that when I revise the code as this is alpha beta whatever you want to call it.

But it surly beat me sitting there right-clicking on every movie set then selecting manage then selecting choose artwork then selecting poster then navigating to the right poster assuming you have use artwork beef to add to the local file system because you cant navigate to the cached set and setfanart that kodi has cached, then selecting fanart then navigating to the right file then clicking okay to save changes.... with this you simple right click select update artwork and the script does the rest.. plus you don't have to save the artwork to the file system first, you can but it will use the cached artwork as well. 

so maybe not ideal and you don't have to use it... I was just trying to give a little back and help save a lot of time.
All contributions are welcome, I was simply concerned by the code, it's execution and the lack of description/information being given to the user. Calling something a library helper when it sole operation is to override movie set meta is a little vague IMO
Well I plan to add to it in time but figure I would release it now fix the bugs before I make it to complex and get lost with simple issues that may arise.... Like me needed to add a check for the artwork  and print what is actually missing versus what was done even when skipped.. 

But I agree and I like this name better so I may merge then code for the special features and that too is helping build a better user experience.... and if nothing else these 2 things are filling in the gaps for my library at least.

but will I have your attention.... quick question about library nodes ... what I would like to do is have a setting that would add the special features to the movies nodes.... but when playing around with the library node editor and adding the node that way I realize that it will not always show up only when I enter that subsection a certain way.... is this because of the way estuary enters the library or is something else?

I have a few ideas but personally I want better library integration as I add then I want to make them some what seem apart of the core of kodi even thou they are not.  I personally don't like flipping in and out just to look at something simple if I can integrate it.
which is why I was looking at the node editor.
@smitchell6879 you could add a simple yesno dialog on launch:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    ret = xbmcgui.Dialog().yesno('Library Helper - Update Artwork', 'Running this script will modify your Movie Collection artwork.', 'Would you like to continue?')
    if ret:

@Lunatixz would this help ease your concerns? I also agree that a warning should be shown to the user before execution.
Sure I don't mind adding this in the next time I update.
This will be coded up in Leia eventually and artwork will be set automatically. You will also be able to choose between scraped artwork. We are adding new features which were non-existing before and indeed, it is not complete yet. But this will come and Leia is not going to be released without that, so this will only be useful and the new feature will be complete in Leia.
That's what I was thinking and hoping which is why it is a separate add-on from my special features add-on... a temporary fix. Glad to here.

And with that its no need for me spend to much time on this then.