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Full Version: After Kodi Update some strange behavior
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Im using a Himedia Q5 Box.
I updated it from Kodi 16.x to the actual Kodi 17.6
I used Nebula before the update and because i really liked it i wanted to use it after the update too.
But i got 2 Problems after the update.

1. Problem - OK-Button
The Himedia Player is using a Wrapper (External Player) for the Video files.
So after a Video is played, a message box Shows up to confirm, that the externel Player has finished.
But i cant click the OK-Button. Only via a remote app but not via the remote Control.

2. Problem - "Started Series"
Below the main Screen for TV-Shows there is an Option to see all the started series (German: Begonnene Serien).
That worked very well before the update. Now it Show only some other Folders:


I hope you can help me to fix those 2 Problems.
I uninstalled the Skin now for several times. Other Skins dont have this Problems, but are not as beautiful as Nebula :-)
You should install the Github version:


Thx that worked so far, but how do i get the correct order for the menu back (like my first screenshot)?
Now there are Pictures below, where some menu Options had been ...