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Full Version: No Video just Audio on Krypton when switching to 24hz
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I am getting a black screen whenever I play a video. Sound is ok. Only happens when the Adjust Display Refresh Rate is set on. Just started happening a few days ago. Nothing has changed otherwise. I even did a clean install of Kodi on my Windows 10 PC (Intel HD Graphics - updated to latest drivers after problem started happening) and no joy. As soon as I switch off the above setting it works. Windowed mode works too but not fullscreen.

I did notice that if I unplug the hdmi cable and plug back in again, the video shows up. But then when I stop, Kodi displays a blank screen instead of the menu. I have to unplug/plug the hdmi cable again.

PS I also switched back and forth between the display settings (software/DXVA etc) but no joy Sad
PPS Switched hdmi cables, tv ports etc too. My RPi works fine. TV is top end Samsung.

Edit : Debug logs uploaded : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26482588

Please help.
You will have to get rid of all banned repos and addons in your install to receive support.
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Yup - I just did. Apologies.

New logs : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26482588
You might want to read parts of this thread: 322761 (thread)

Since the Windows Fall Creators' Update from late last year, Kodi has some major problems on Windows. Maybe something will be fixed in v18? There are some workarounds for v17 in that thread though.
Thanks! Appreciate the link Smile

Posted the below on that thread : 
Yeh so I am an idiot. Same black screen problems so won't detail. Disabled 'Use FullScreen Window' and all good. The thing is, I should not have been using that option anyways - got it the wrong way around !