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Full Version: multicast buffering
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Hi all, from almost a year I'm working with kodi on multiple ott boxes (amlogic based S805, S905, S905X, etc.), differrent versions of Kodi - from 15 to current, distributions likeĀ 
Libreelec, Openelec, ArchLinux with Kodi, Ubuntu with Kodi almost everything what I found working for devices that I have .... And here is the problem - I'm trying to watch multicast udp streams without PVR addon i.e. directly call action playmedia(udp://@..) from ssh via kodi-send , every time i watch on tcpdump on input interface how multicast stream starts but kodi does not display it - first it is filling some buffer , on older versions time to start was 1-2 seconds , from Krypton the time is more - almost 7-8 seconds. I try to skip buffering using advancedsettings.xml but no chanace for me - kodi still buffer input stream. Is there any solution to skip that buffering, and why kodi buffer input udp stream, does anybody know how to completely skip buffering in kodi ?