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Full Version: Getting 5.1 and 7.1 audio to work on Krypton.
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Hi All.

I use Kodi in my sons room to stream movies from my collection I have on a DNLA server.

I have followed all the online instructions regarding setting the audio channels to 2 and setting pass through etc yet the videos only play in stereo. When i look at the audio settings in the player it clearly shows the video is a 5.1 video but it will only play stereo. The AV receiver I have is capable of DTS HD and Dolby True HD.

Is there a bug?
You should at least post a Debug Log. Kodi can be installed on a bunch of platforms and we don't want to make guesses.

So please provide a Debug Log while you play the movie. Read this for instructions: Log_file (wiki)
If the audio is being decoded to PCM then it's no surprise you are getting stereo if Number of Channels is set to 2, however you don't say what type of files these are and what type of audio codec they use? whether you are wanting to passthrough (bitstream) audio to AVR? how you are connecting to AVR from device running Kodi? what type of device it is? what OS does the device run?
Everything will be answered in the logfile Wink