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Full Version: MP4 Video format
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I am trying to configure my kodi-17.6 on my OpenSuSE Linux desktop computer so that I can use it to play MP4 video. This is on a clean kodi setup. So, once I launched kodi, I clicked Movies (on the left panel) -> Movies and then added the path to my local MP4 sub-directory filled an MP4 video. Since it is a home made video, I set choose information provider with a local information only. Once that is done, I see the entry I just added to Movies. However, when I clicked the entry, it just went into the sub-directory and showed no MP4 file I put there. Did I do something wrong or is there any addon package I should install so I can view my home made video file?
Hello Habibie

If you are adding Home Movies to the library, you need to to create NFO Files so that Kodi can access the information to scrape it into the library. If there are no NFO Files, then Kodi has nothing to scrape and there will be no entries in the Movies tab.

You will find your Home Movies listed in Videos>Files>Your Home Movies Folder.

Read these pages to learn how to create NFO Files... Nfo (wiki)
Thank you for your quick response.

I just found out why kodi does not see my MP4 video. When I put the same MP4 video file in a USB stick, it sees and plays the file. The one on my hard drive is under a sub-directory in Chinese language and kodi seems to have a problem to access it. Perhaps, there is some kodi addons I need to install so that it will be able to access a sub-directory in Chinese language
Best thing to do would be to provide a debug log while running a library update for the folder to see whats going on

Log_file/Easy (wiki)
Log with debug logging turned on and uploaded to pastebin-style site and linked here would help.  In general, when you create a source and scan it, files with known video media filename extensions should be found and shown in file view node.  Adding the file to one of the video library view nodes requires assigning a content type and scraper to the source and re-scanning.  I don't know what filesystem you are running on your hard drive, but any modern one should support full unicode in paths and filenames.  But if your paths or filenames aren't unicode but rather something like Big5 or GB I'm not sure how that gets handled.

scott s.