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Full Version: Missing films, add-on doesn't work
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Hi! Sorry for my bad english, not ma langage. I have big issue. I added my sources for my movies and tv shows. TV shows works good, everything is good. But for my movies it's another story.

I have like 200 movies more or less and...4 are detected. It's not about codec (.mkv, .mp4...) because when i navigate in the settings, i can watch the movies who aren't detected. It's just i don't have it in "Movies". It's annoying, i can't figure what wrong... Sad

I just want my 200 movies are correctly added to the menu "Movies"..

I hope you understand...

Thanks a lot!

PS: i tryed install the extension "missing movies". It doesn't change anything.
I assume you have added a source and scraped it, and the scraper only found 4 out of 200 movies?
What are the filenames of your movies? They should be in a format Kodi recognizes, like in Naming video files
We really need more information to find the problem. Can you supply a log file?
Use this to see which are missing
Event_Log (wiki)
Hello ! I found the problem. I just need to "clean" to wipe out the films i don't have anymore, and for the missing, it was about name and format.