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Full Version: Library Problem - Movies play wrong file and show wrong poster.
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I'm having a really strange problem in Krypton. I have been using xbmc from Xbox1 days and think I know what I am doing but maybe not. 

I use an app called Media Companion to scrap my files. I then scan them into Kodi and everything looks like it should but after a while I start to notice that many of the files names are showing the incorrect poster, fan art and information and when you play them they play the file associated with the poster.

For example after clean then scan Die Hard 1 shows Atomic Blond... all the titles seem to be correct and in the order I choose, but everything is kinda messed up. If I take the USB drive and put it on my laptop and scan it with Media Companion then it all looks fine... same as if I scan from PC on a fresh install of Kodi.

The target system is a Android TV Box running AEON.

Any ideas?

Is there anything new I need to know with modrn versions of kodi and Media Companion?
(2018-02-01, 11:14)Jyujinkai Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas?

Not if you don't provide a logfile