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Full Version: Assistance with code to scroll movies in sets - vertically etc.
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Hi all,

Just looking at the default Kodi 18 skin Estuary and love how "of-the-shelf" it is when it comes to Movie Sets (not requiring extra scripts or plug-ins to be installed).
Using Police Academy as an example it displays the 7 movies in the set horizontal. That's cool, however I was wondering if this could be done by displaying the movies and scroll them only in the first column vertically. Furthermore maybe adding to the right Director / Writer for the movie sets where the names would scroll horizontally.

I did some testing by changing the code to view directors from all 7 movies (instead of titles) and sure enough it did, so it got me wondering about adding the two in that space hence asking the question.

If you look at the Estuary skin using the Shift view for example, the first column only displays 4 movies followed by the next column of 4 etc. Ideally it would nice for this column to scroll the 4 movies vertically with the Titles of the movies in that set then maybe above that column display the number of movies within that set and to the right of the Movie Titles  it would display the Director / Writer names of those in that set and make those names scroll horizontally..

Would this be doable do you think and if so, what would be the code so I can add this into Estuary default skin. Maybe if Phil65 likes it he may consider making these changes to his default skin. Welcoming details to the Sets IMHO.