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Full Version: Movie set defaulting to 'name'
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Hope someone can help with this - all of a sudden my Kodi, running on a Fire Box, had lost all movie set details and it's setting them all to 'name'. I've tried everything I can including removing, reattaching and rescanning the movie source but all to no avail. I haven't changed anything, it just stopped working.

What this means is that anything with a set defined is in one big set instead of the proper structure. It's like something has gotten corrupted, but I don't know what to do to fix it.

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone got any clues how to fix it? I've got other Kodi running on Fire Sticks in other rooms set up exactly the same that all work fine - it's just this one.



Are you using OpenElec?
I have the same exact problem and I am using openelec. If OP is using something else I'll open a new thread but I figured maybe the whole 2 birds 1 stone thing.
I am going to try libreelec and see what happens, after a bit of poking around it looks like it may be the better option. I'll post back once I'm up and running.

The chances are high the OP is using OpenElec. You obviously are. OpenElec has fallen way behind with maintenance updates so the recently updated scrapers no longer work correctly.

LibreElec is the way to go Smile
Yep, it's up and running and looks newer and movie sets are straightened out, happy again!
Good to hear Smile
Thread marked solved.
I have absolutely no idea! How would I check? And - if I need to move to LibreElec - is there a guide somewhere of how to do this?

Strange thing is that I've got Kodi on one fire box and several fire sticks and it's only the box that's stopped working, the sticks are all fine.
For the set issue, I suspect more Kodi version to be the problem, rather than openelec vs. libreelec.

Any Kodi version prior to Jarvis will be affected by this issue.

So if you are using Gotham or even earlier, it's time to upgrade.