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Full Version: Coveart for Collections helo needed
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Is there a way for Kodi to make the coverart for a Collection look different then just a regular movie?  I am using the regular kodi skin.  Just want it easier to spot a collection when scrolling through movies.
Hello poongamer

In My Signature below, there is a link to Movie Sets. Should find your answer in that.

In case you are not aware, you can download Movie Set Artwork from TMDB. For example, John Wick collection... https://www.themoviedb.org/search/collec...ohn%20Wick
This has been updated with Kodi 18 as well by default.. but you will need to run my script library helper for it to set the artwork.
O and you will need to rescraped your library under Kodi 18 for it download the artwork.
This will be fixed in Leia eventually and set artwork will be set automatically. You will also be able to choose between scraped artwork.
Thank you for the help.  It is much appreciated.
Some more help needed.

I changed a bunch of artwork for collections, and most stayed, but there are a handful that I change and it changes in Kodi but when I scroll to them a minute later the coverart is different.  I go to change it again and the 'current art' that is showing is correct.  I click on it and it changes but then it goes back to the wrong artwork again.  I cannot understand why.

Hope that is clear Smile
Yes, that is clear.

I have also experienced that. Most recently when I was playing with Live TV Logos.

It seems to be a little glitch in the way Kodi cache's artwork, and has been mentioned by the developers a few times. All you need to do is wait, and they will change. Best to restart Kodi, and leave it running for 24hrs and Kodi will sort it out.
Thanks again - it was driving me mad