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Full Version: Weather shifted by a day!
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I've been using KODI on several Raspberry Pi's for quite some time using OSMC. There has been a consistent Weather app error for the whole time I've used KODI. When I highlight the weather menu item in OSMC KODI a 5 day forecast is shown on the OSMC home screen. However, when I select the weather app proper it shows a 7 day forecast, BUT, when I compare the 5 day forecast and the 7 day forecast, all their weather icons are shifted by a day! Not sure which view is correct but they have never been consistent, always shifted by one day. This occurs whatever weather service is used and for any weather icon set selected.

Is anyone else seeing this? It is the same error all my Pi's after many, many OSMC updates. Is this a KODI issue or an OSMC issue? I reported this on the OSMC forum some while back but had no response.

I welcome feedback and hopefully a bug correction.

most likely an issue in the skin you're using.
no idea which skin osmc ships by default or whether you've installed another skin.

less likely, but also possible, an issue in the weather addon you're using.

since you did not post a Debug Log, that's all the help we can give.
Hi Thanks for the reply. I use the default OSMC skin, will check to see if other skins are similarly affected. Just surprised that this issue has been present and undetected for so long. The problem is independent of any weather source I use, Weather Underground, Yahoo, Met Office etc. The weather add-on is that installed as part of OSMC, not a third party one. Will investigate providing a log file.
ok, if it happens with all weather addons, then it must be a skin issue for sure.
yup, a problem in the default osmc skin.
this is incorrect:

the values you see on the homescreen are ok, but the weather page is wrong.