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Full Version: Always play to uPnP
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I'm trying to set up a solution to play music in my house.  The music is stored on my NAS, which serves uPnP.  Kodi can see it fine, and play it on the Kodi device or on a uPnP device (a Samsung TV) with "play using".  Everything seems to be working.

However I have to use "play using" every time I play another song/album.  If I forget, the song on the TV stops and the new song starts on the computer.  Is it possible to make Kodi default to the particular external device, or at least remember the last one it used?

Ideally I'd like to be able to use a Kodi instance (on a phone or tablet) to control several speakers around the house, which it can do no problem, but without having to select the right speaker for every song. 

Hello marksmith

That's not the best setup. uPNP can be quite limiting. Have you considered adding SMB shares and adding the music to your library? You will have a 1000 times more functionality.

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OK, thanks, doing it over SMB seems to lay out the files more nicely...

...but it doesn't seem to affect the subject of the question at all.
In case it should be helpful to someone stumbling upon this post in the future, I have found a solution: the default player can be set in the advanced settings file.  I'm using Linux, so I created the file
and in it put
            <defaultplayer>Living Room</defaultplayer>
where `Living Room` is the name exactly as shown in the "Play to..." menu.