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Full Version: Bad year in serials plugin -1969
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How can I fix this bug in skins Estuary on Kodi 17.6 - Libreelec 8.2 Huh

it's a plugin for serials...
I suspect a crystal ball would be the only way of knowing with such limited information.
(2018-02-07, 16:15)otava5 Wrote: [ -> ]it's a plugin
Luckily there aren't that many plugins for Kodi Wink
However, get us a Kodi debug log (wiki), so we can see some internals.
do you also want a .py plugin?
or fix the plugin code?
http://tv.exmad.com reports it is for sale, but http://tv.exmad.com/logo/amc.jpg works.

So please contact the writer of the plugin. It seems to be not Kodi's fault. and it is a (possible) blacklisted plugin.
@otava5: Please provide the FULL log file in future, not just the bits that you find interesting Smile
That tv.exmad . com URL played havoc on my Firefox browser... No idea what it all was but I surely don't trust it. No

As already stated, your log is useless.

Are you scraping from nfo files? If yes, then whatever nfo software you are using is recording the date in the wrong format. It should be yyyy-mm-dd.

I'll take a guess and say you are using Sonarr, though I am not understanding the source of your image and assuming it is your local library.
Yes. I found this to be a plugin bug. Can you repair my code?
How can we repair it? We don't even know what it is.

You best ask where you downloaded it from
please delete thread , error is LibreElec ....under W10 Kodi 17.6 it's ok ... both clean installations ...