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Full Version: Why can't I resume playback on an in-progress recording
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It seems that I can resume recordings t hat I've played but not when they are currently recording.   Last night I had watched part of the curling and it was still recording.  Stopped watching and then came back after a while and had to FF back to where I was at.   Why can't I resume that?
I believe this has to do with the fact that in Kodi's eyes the file you were watching while in-progress is not the same file once the recording finished. The file itself changed (different size/duration) from when you pressed play the first time to when you wanted to resume.

Another possibility is that when you stop playback near the end of a file, Kodi considers it to be complete even if it is not fully viewed. (I believe the threshold is something like 5%, but I am not certain.) So, if the duration remaining when you pressed stop was less 5% of the whole (that Kodi had loaded, not of the recording—remember this is a recording-in-progress, and therefore Kodi only believes the file is as long as when you first pressed play), then Kodi will mark the recording as viewed, not as in-progress.
I wonder the v18 changes this in any way.  I know they changed the api so that the pvr client doesn't really see a tv recording as  a "file" but rather as a stream.