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Full Version: Lock NFO File After tMM Generates It?
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I have recently gone through and updated my Studio Logos textures.xbt file - but my skin only displays a studio image if there is ONE <studio>Red Granite Productions</studio> line item.

I know that there is no setting in tMM at the moment to limit the number of studios, but even if there was, it probably wouldn't be viable: tMM might not keep the studio that I want it to keep. I'm not interested in the distributor - it's primarily going to be either 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, or Lionsgate (or A24, The Orchard, Oscilloscope). Either way, I'm, when possible, going for the primary production studio.

Problem: Somehow, during the process of adding new items to my collection, or at some other time that I cannot pinpoint, all of my primary environment's NFO files keep regenerating. (I've removed all but one studio.)

  • I always make a backup of my manually edited NFO files to another directory immediately for this reason.
  • I have spent ~an hour dragging and dropping my backup NFO files into the individual movie directories on at least three separate occasions. Maybe there's one action I'm taking that is causing the entire issue.
Add'l info that may be helpful for a diagnosis:
  • I've set Kodi to use Local Information Only for the Movies source.
  • Maybe I should be using "Find Missing Movies" instead of "Update Data Sources?" Or maybe I'm way off. (This is the way I always added items prior to the desire to add studio images.)
  • I've made sure to right-click individual line-items, choosing "search and scrape the selected movie(s)" that I want to scrape (typically after adding a new film).
Here is a log from Friday 2/9/18 when I was doing all kinds of things with the library: https://pastebin.com/Uq0TYy8X

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Is there a question?
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sry for beeing late...

As of v2, TMM has only one field for studio information, but, when it is separated by /, ; or others, we write multiple into NFO.
BUT: there's no ordering, no primary studio.
Every metadata change inside TMM would possible rewrite the NFO on filesystem.
Updating datasource inside Kodi does NOT update EXISTING entries.
Updating datasource inside TMM just looks for NEW files... (removing not exisitng ones from database)
No worries - I appreciate the response.

Basically, for my skin, there can only be one studio in order to display a studio image, so I go in (using Atom text / script editor so I don't introduce spurious formatting characters) and remove all except ONE <studio></studio> line after the NFO is created. This is mainly for interface aesthetics.

There is SOMETHING that I am doing which causes almost all, if not all of my movie library's NFO files to be rewritten within a day or two. I am very frequently (almost daily) adding new content to my library. All I do is click the "Update Data Sources" button, and then individually scrape new items. I have tried to determine the possible NFO rewrite trigger myself for a long time and I just don't know.

I keep a separate folder with a backup of the correctly modified NFO files (379 as of today) - and once in a while I'll drag and replace the backup NFO into each individual movie folder, but this takes around 2 hours to do manually. I've done it 4-5 times, but it seems not worth the time anymore.

There must be something that I'm doing to cause this behavior if it's not supposed to occur. I am running tMM v2.9.8.
I believe I finally figured it out...and it wasn't rocket science. LOL. I shouldn't be editing the NFO file, I should be deleting items in the Production field in the Edit Movie screen.

I feel like an idiot at this moment. Can you confirm that this is probably why the NFO files kept being updated with the additional studios though, just so I know for sure?
Yes, you figured it out: tmm rewrites the nfo file at certain actions just to make sure it is always up to date.
If you edit the nfo file outside of tmm, tmm may update it at any time (I do not even know all possible save points where they are written).
Just make sure you always edit the nfo contents inside tmm
Thanks. :-)