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Full Version: Videos - Black screen, only sound
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I saw that my Kodi for Xbox has new version - 10-02-18.
Yesterday I had videos in my library that run perfectly, today some of the videos are opening with black screen, I can only hear sound...
If I go to settings-player-videos and change render method from Auto detect to software it's working fine.

I don't want to change this back and forward everytime.
Please advise,
Seeing the same thing on HEVC h265, which then causes same behavior on HEVC h264 (unless you reboot).... see if you have the same issue.
If so - there was obviously a bug introduced with h265, yet it wasn't even watchable previously due to no hw acceleration support.
It worked before last build, for sure, so it's something with the new build (its still alpha, I know).

Kodi devs/support,
Can I set the render method to 'software' safely till you fix it ?

please provide a Debug Log
Just saw that It was fix on latest build.
Many thanks to dev and support for their quick response.