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Full Version: CBC TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Sounds good
Thank you @micahg for working to bring the CBC shows back to Canadians.  Also thank you @learningit for the original CBC addons and all the other addons you maintain.  Your work is much appreciated.

I just tried the latest zip on LibreElec 8.2.2, Kodi 17.6 Git:a9a7a20 and was able to successfully stream the first episode of Alias Grace.  :-)

The current list of shows appears to be too short.  The list seems to be in alphabetical order which starts with "21 Thunder" and ends with "Canadian Screen Awards (Nominees)".  I did not observe a link to a next page for other shows on CBC.  It is possible I don't know how to navigate the addon to get to other shows like "Kim's Convenience" and if so please feel free to enlighten me.  Otherwise I think that a way to access the other shows would be a nice feature to add.
I also want to thank you for this addon. The live channels work better than most of my other live addons, never buffers.

Is there any chance down the road you could add a program guide. I saw one on the internet where you click on the city at the top and it gives you programs for each city in correct time.

@kodaksmith you're right -- the CBC API only returns 30 shows at a time and I totally forgot to grab all of them -- fix coming! (edit: Its fixed in git now).

@rocko I'm not sure about EPG data. First, I've not seen it provided by the CBC but also, this isn't a PVR addon I'm not sure it'd make sense.
Great work @micahg on this addon!  Using your latest from the github master branch I can now see the whole list of shows from "21 Thunder" to "Young Drunk Punk" in addition to streaming a live channel.  :-)

Thanks for testing!
Prior to this CBC TV addon I watched a few Kim's Convenience episodes via the Firefox web browser.  Because I often struggle to understand some words due to the strong character accents, I often turn on Closed Captioning.

While watching S02E01 with the CBC TV addon I did not observe a way to enable Closed Captions.  I am able to turn on closed captions for other addons like "HGTV".  I believe these closed captions are included with the stream as I do not download these subtitles separately.  It is possible that I'm not sure how to enable closed captions for this addon only, in which case I would be happy to learn how.  Otherwise would you consider adding the closed captions to the addon?
Another issue I discovered is that I am unable to get a list of seasons and episodes for "Heartland" and "Murdoch Mysteries".
I think the CBC news app has closed captions -- I'll look into that. And I'll look into those issues with Heartland/Murdoch Mysteries.
Both "Heartland" and "Murdoch Mysteries" have 10+ seasons in case the large number of seasons available is related to the issue.
@micahg I had a quick look at the add-on, looks ok. There are a few things to change for kodi.org repo acceptance, but I think they're minor. You'll need to submit to the Krypton Branch as this is new, unless you want to reuse the old plugin.video.cbc I'd which I think is in Isengard, up to you what you want to do.

Be patient with the add-on submission process, the first time may seem like a lot is asked of you. It's all to ensure some standards and future compatibility. Thanks!

Let me know if you need any help.
Fix for heartland and murdoch is up -- CC is going to be more challenging -- they're embedded in the hls streams and Kodi isn't pulling them out it seems.
The latest git update works wonderfully -- I am now able to stream both "Heartland" and "Murdoch Mysteries".  Thank you @micahg for these fixes.

If there is more testing that I can help out with then let me know.

On the topic of Closed Captions, with an MPEG2 recording (such as one recorded with an antenna from an Over-The-Air TV broadcast) I had to enable  parsing for closed captions.  This enabled me to see closed captions in previously recorded TV shows.  Perhaps this section of Kodi might contain a clue?  It's just a guess.
I have great news!  It turns out that Closed Captioning does work with this addon.  Big Grin

I was testing with the show "Kim's Convenience", but as luck would have it that show did not include closed captions.

When I tried with "Kim's Convenience (Korean Subtitles)", I was able to successfully display the closed captions.  I also tried this with "Heartland" and these closed captions displayed as well.

Fantastic work @micahg on this CBC TV addon.  From my testing it appears that this addon works 100%.
Cool. Glad to hear it. I'll put the PR to merge it into the public repo some time this weekend.
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