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Full Version: Changing fonts on Bello skin
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Hi there,

I've tried to change fonts for Bello Nero skin (awesome fork of Bello 6 made by iCanuck) by using several guides on the web, however couldn't make it work. (I'm using a Libreelec OS).

Most of the guides instructs to:
1. Add the new font files (*.ttf) to "Fonts" folder located on \.kodi\addons\skin.bello.6.nero\fonts.
2. Edit "font.XML" located on \.kodi\addons\skin.bello.6.nero\720p and replace old font names with the new ones, in accordance with new files copied to "fonts" folder.
Everytime I've tried to do so, Libreelec system erased all new font files, as well as revised "Font.XML", and restore it with the original files: Font.XML was replaced to have the original code, new font *.ttf files were deleted from "fonts" folder.

Am I doing something wrong?

Would appreciate your help!