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Full Version: Bug in showing playlists on mainmenu.
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On the home screen, where selected category smart playlists are displayed, I found an issue.

For example.
<param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/inprogress_movies.xsp"/>
<param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/recent_unwatched_movies.xsp"/>
<param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/unwatched_movies.xsp"/>

If any playlist count is 0 and then it updates to 1, you have to restart kodi for that entire playlist to show up.

They dynamically update as you would expect if their count starts and stays above 1, except they disappear forever if the count ever hits 0.

Are any fixes possible?   I have been digging in the xmls, but am not having luck.

It is annoying starting a series, going back to the home menu, then it is not present in the "Unwatched Section" AND the "In Progress Section" hasn't appeared, so you then have to find it in the A-Z list.  Kind of unintuitive.