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Full Version: Addon Submissions - interested in this really nice idea!
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  • Project Name: Addon Submissions
  • Project Description: Write a tool or an website to easily submit addons to our addon repo. The tool will need to login at github and send a PR in the name of the author to the correct repo and branch on kodis github. The user experiance needs to be very good to not keep anyone from submitting. It should also be able to offer some oppinions on the code that will be commited before it actually get's send. So it would catch the most common errors on the client side.
  • Name: Marco Baldassarri
  • forum/e-mail: marco.baldassarri2 (a t) studio.unibo.it
  • Introduction: I am a student from University of Bologna - Engineering and Computer Science. I am currently enrolled at the first year of the master degree as well as currently working as iOS developer. 
  • Summary: I feel quite confident with this kind of project, the use cases are quite similar to the ones I had the opportunity to find at the university.
  • Goals: What is the goal of the project, a project may not always solve the problem entirely as it may take to much time. Think hard about what can be accomplished during a summer with your skill and deduct that quite a bit. If the project can't be done after this perhaps its better to opt for a smaller one or one with subgoals.

  • Tell us about the computer(s) and devices you have available for working on your SoC project?
    I have a MacBook pro and an Android (OnePlus 3t - Oreo installed)
  • When did you first start programming?
    I started programming when I was 17, but I really learned design patterns, OOP programming and other paradigms at the University during the bachelor degree.
  • Are you a user of Kodi? When did you first start using it?
    I started using it after enrolling the University, nerd friends said it was a 'cool thing to install on rPi beneath the TV to turn it Smart'. Then I found out plugins and the local network access to the home server, so it became much more, simply awesome!
  • What do you primarily use Kodi for?
    I primarily use it to stream content from the home server in LAN and watch pictures and videos. 
  • Have you contributed to other Open Source projects? If so, which projects and can we see some of your code?
    https://github.com/mbaldassarri here are some projects I created at the university but unfortunately,  they're not the whole set of projects I've worked on.
    I'm planning to clean up the code and put them all on GitHub in the next few weeks. Still not contributing to big OpenSource projects, this would be my first time.
  • What sorts of programming projects have you done on your own time?
    mostly IoT, Web and Mobile projects. I worked on Java and Android Apps, nodejs web app (typescript, js, node, Mongodb, html, css), and rasperryPi/Arduino projects interacting with sensors for SmartHome purposes.
  • How much time do you have available, and how would you plan to use it?
    I'm currently working as iOS developer part-time plus enrolled at the master degree university. I would have one up to two days per week.
  • Do you plan to have a job or study during the summer in conjunction with Summer of Code?
    Yes, job as well as study.
(2018-02-13, 19:27)pandamark Wrote: [ -> ]Write a tool or an website to easily submit addons to our addon repo

If this is a website, what stack (language, libraries) are you going to use?
I would like some thoughts of your own on the project outline, even if that are only some words.