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Full Version: How to scrape with TMDB
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Mr. Silvo,

Thank-you for an outstanding skin! 

I recently added 2 seasons of an old TV show (Victory at Sea -1952) that is being recognized by the software as a single season version. That version was created later in the year. I have determined TVDB only has the single season version and that's the cause of my problem. Can anyone tell me how to change the search data base and search with IMDB or other services?

Hello @Exit8A

Your query is not specific to Aeon Nox skin, and is a general scraping issue. I will split you post off and move it to Metadata Add-ons.

I have looked at the show on TVDB and it is the single season... https://www.thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=84130&lid=7

If you want to use IMDB, then you will need to install the Universal Movie Scraper add-on and use it.

It is best to create a new Source with settings to use the Universal Movie Scraper add-on. In future, you can then just add shows to that source that require IMDB data, and not mess around with settings every time that occurs.

Hope that helps.
UMS will not scrape tv shows...
Oh, of course. Too early in the morning Wink Thanks @olympia
Thank-you Karellen!!!!
As you see I mentioned IMDB, but it was supposed to be TMDB instead. Just momentarily got the two confused. I have looked at TMDB site and they also list as a single season. Which means both sources for TV Show metadata list the show as a single season instead of the two seasons you are wanting.

Your choices are...

1. Leave it as a single season (easiest)
2. Create nfo files. You can do this by...
2a Using the Import Export function to Separate files, then modify the relevant nfo files. Then refresh the show (easiest)
2b Create the files from scratch

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