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Full Version: can you help me find the right skin?
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so im not sure where to post this, but here goes, my kodi is the newest and works fine with my aeon nox, however im trying to find a skin that when you are in music it will show the artists photo full screen, i had one,but cant remember which it was, showed the picture full screen and only showed a small area in where you sroll through the different names, ive tried transparency or whatever its called and thats not it.....any ideas of what im talking about or a new one you know about?
I'll move your post to Music, where some of the Music guru's might know which skin.
thank you, i was gonna post it here to start off, should of went with my gut lol
(2018-02-15, 17:08)jasn Wrote: [ -> ]https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=294318
 im not sure what to do with this, i have aeon nox, so what?
If you can remember the general style of the skin, you can go through them here https://kodi.tv/addons/browse?keyword=&c...=title+ASC to narrow down which one it might have been. To view skin images click on skin logo then on window which contains an image of the skin in the upper section, move mouse over to right hand edge of picture and a right arrow > should appears, use this to scroll through images.
thank you guys, i think i found one i like
(2018-02-16, 01:45)o0nightfire0o Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-02-15, 17:08)jasn Wrote: [ -> ]https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=294318
 im not sure what to do with this, i have aeon nox, so what? 
 ("so what?"....jeez)
The Aeon ACE/MQ series have always had options of using a background image of artist fanart or extrafanart in music and concert (music video) views.  There are different options for specific views on how the content of the media containers gets displayed over the background image.

scott s.
Default theme + artist slideshow Add-on should work.
artist slideshow shows pictures while a song plays(which i cant figure out how to get it to work, but thats another story) im trying to find a skin that will show the fanart as much as possible, kinda like logo view for movies and shows, right now im bouncing be tween phenomenal and aeon nox