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Full Version: any way to fix fanart?
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so here my new problem, not sure it can be fixed, but here goes....
in my kodi videos i have the following.... adult, animated, movies, dvd movie extras, tv shows, dvd tv extras and specials, now for my skin...which is "phenomenal" its all at default so when you scroll to my animated it will show a fanart slideshow of all my videos, my thing is id like it do just show only my animated movies, not everything including my adult stuff lol is there a way to do this or is it that kodi will only pull whatever is classified as a video/movie? my tv shows are fine as it only scrolls through tv shows and i dont want to separate animated and live action tv shows.
This is not a windows issue for the most part.

I'm not that familiar with the "phenomenal" skin, sounds like it gives you a slide show of fanart content on some roll over. It's certainly possible, but perhaps you might have to go beyond the parameters of the skin allowances. I should mention that subdividing your collection into select folders, might not be the best approach, you'll end up using mostly filemode. You might be better off using 'Nodes' or 'Smart Playlists' and a separate source for adult which can be dealt with using profiles or some other tool.

I'll move this message/thread along to the skin area.
thank you, see i have my movies separated that way so its orgenized better on my computer, everything including music is on one source a 4 TB hard drive, im not sure what other way to do things them how i have it. i didnt put this in a skin thread because many skins have the feature of slideshow fanart.

i will gladly take any pointers though as im not a pro with kodi
Browse the wiki's for 'Nodes','Smart Playlists','Profiles'. keep your adult material in a completely speratate source and you shoould be fine.
as far as the fanart slideshow thing, the only way i see of doing this is by having different sources, because the slideshow goes by what you scraped which can only be one of three things, movie, tv show or music.

animated, adult or what have you are all scraped as a movie, so it doesnt matter if i did nodes or playlists.

another way to fix it,which im not keen on is to have a separate folder for images used for backgrounds, so each movie category has its own back grounds, im not keen on it cause i have far too many movies to gather the pictures for.

the main problem is that if you separate the movies, the slideshow wont just play those movies, but plays all the movies
Not completely understanding this issue (not using this skin), and re-reading the first post. Check out extrafanart and extrathumbs (unsure if this skin support it, If that doesn't do it for you, investigate a skin that does. Artwork (wiki)), but a lot of skins do, and using something like Artwork Beef will created sub folders in each movie and populate it with artwork, then in skin settings you can specify a slideshow on each movie focus utilizing that artwork in the local folders. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=247361 there may be a wiki on this.
here ill show my folder for a given movie as an example
in kodi in my skin i have extra fanart toggled too, when you are in the home screen and highlight say my movies, it will show every movie thats under video, im trying to get it to only show that set of moves fanart only, ie. if animated is highlighted then only those animated movies fanart will show
ok, GOT IT.. sorry for taking so long to get back to you. This is defiately a skin issue, and might be handled with the advice from a skinner or even you; if you dig deep. The extra fanart fucntion was added to many skins when users wanted images to rotate when a specific movie was in focus. Having it on the home screen, would be a matter of the implimentation of the skin, as most skins offer Music, Pictures etc and Movies wouldn't necessarily be in focus. Obviously the skin you are using allows for this rotation from the homepage (perhaps with a rollover trigger), and hence my solution is to try 'other' skins that offer this fucntion, but you might have to settle for a sub menu 'like movies' over the homescreen. The animation part, would be exclusive to animated gifs and are equivalent to many multiple images that have to load up, and the processing power would have to be present for smooth operation.
Are you using widgets? If so you can say "use widget as fanart" & it'll only display what is in the widget. I use smart playlists instead of separating by folder.