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Full Version: Hello
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Just wanted to say hello, I’m John.

Also have three questions . Lol moderators I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong spot.

1- Kodi on the Xbox one X. I realize it’s beta, but I use that same beta on my Nvidia shield and don’t have the problem. The issue is my resolution and frame rate is greyed out and stuck at 1080p. Anyone else have that problem. My Xbox one x is set to to 2160p and television is the Samsung ks9000.

2- can someone please tell me what settings I need to change in Kodi so that I can enable Dolby Atmos or atleast multichannel sound. Xbox was easy just set first option to bitstream and second to Dolby Atmos.

I won’t even get into my questions about the settings for my Apple 4k tv.
Moving to appropiate forum. Please read the sticky threads you’ll find at the top of the UWP forum.
I don't think you can do either as it stands at the moment.