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Full Version: Not Importing Channel Numbers
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I've setup channel numbers in my back end, and enabled the option to use channel numbers from backend in Kodi TV settings, but Kodi never imports the channel numbers. Is this a known issue?

I've checked running a native DVB Link client on my Android device and the channels are definitely updated in the DVB Link end. Kodi is just ignoring them.
Works fine for me and has done for several years over several versions of DVBLink, Kodi and Windows.

If you use groups then I suggest creating them in DVBLink and set 'Synchronise channel groups with backend(s)' in Kodi. You can then click 'Clear data' in Kodi settings to restore everything from DVBLink data.

Most synch problems are fixed using 'Clear data'. I'd give it a try.

Never had an issue with this in any version.
I’d try clearing data & sync with backend first.