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Full Version: Removing 'In Progress" and 'Recently added' from Home screen?
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I only just upgraded from Kodi 15 to 17 and it takes some getting used to..
Can I remove the 'In Progress' and 'Recently added' lines from the Hope screen?  I just noticed one below them too - Random movies.  Can I remove that too?
For "Recently added" remove that part:

For "in progress" this:

For "unwatched movies" that:

and for "random" this section:

There is no setting for disabling the home menu widgets. So you have to do that manually.

I recommend to make a copy of the "Home.xml"-file beforehand. Just in case something goes wrong.
There are at least a few Estuary mods that allow you to do this without having to change any XML code.  This one is marked as discontinued, but the forum thread remains active, so I assume folks are still using it:


And to mildly pimp my own:


Mine has fewer features, but it's also a light update to Estuary rather than a complete overhaul.  And it happens to have exactly the option you want (disable certain items in the right hand home window)  Mine does download the Artist Slideshow addon by default, although if you don't want to use it you can disable it.