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Full Version: Trouble adding video source
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I have my files hosted from a raspberry pi apache2 server. My problem is that no matter what ive tried the source does not connect in kodi. I can access the files perfectly fine via web http://my.domain.name/Videos . I'm pulling my hair out over this, If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. When I add the srouce i go to add network connection, choose http , input my domain name, input my remote path, input my username and password, tried port 80 and 8080, all with no luck.

EDIT: I'm now using port 8024, I can access the files via web browser outside of my network still, but kodi still wont connect.
Just a simple question: why are you trying to use HTTP for hosting files? Or are the videos also supposed to be accessible to other people outside your villa?

For local use, you could install Raspbian or Ubuntu Mate on your Raspberry Pi, and use SMB or NFS as much more stable file protocols.
I travel often so this way I can access all my videos outside of my network. For my local network I use smb.