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Full Version: Tidal Lossless - 96K and MQA on Fire TV
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Thoughts on Tidal Lossless capability output increasing to 96K and/or passthrough MQA on Fire TV?

My tests on an audiophile full range system shows that the Kodi Android audiotrack output capability is very very good versus desktop Tidal software. On a Mac laptop using El Capitan OS, the Tidal desktop software handles MQA's first unfold. Typically this means 96K for the vast number of MQA titles.

While the Tidal desktop app with MQA produces a smooth sounding output, it does not have the depth, dynamics and detail of Kodi with Tidal via Fire TV. Using a Firestick 2.0 and it's no contest. The audiotrack settings are limited to 44K and 24 bit 48K for MQA but nevertheless the sound quality is easily better.

So, with that, the question is how will Fire TV improve the output of their audiotrack capability so it can exceed 48K at 24 bit depth?
As one example to this question, the Audio Passthrough allows for playback of compressed audio. Those examples include Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.

Might this include MQA in future Kodi releases where the Fire TV output device, re: android, audiotrack will treat the MQA unfolded stream as other "compressed audio?"
I use Kodi on a PC with Libreelec. I have USB out to a Project S2 DAC and I downloaded 2 free MQA files to try and I get the full unfold of 192khz for 1 file and 384khz for the other so I was pretty impressed with that.
Hey, you could try another way to get Tidal MQA lossless audio quality on Fire TV. To help you through, I did a research among those tools in the market and found the AudFree Tidal Music Converter for Windows is the best one. It can convert Tidal to  plain audio formats with original audio quality. And you can personalize the other audio parameters to enhance the quality as you want. Then you can save them to your computer for using by your own with ease.