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Full Version: Menu item highlighting/growing
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I have noticed that if I use Amber in FTMC for example, it automatically 'bubbles' or enlarges a menu item when it is selected. But that feature does not seem to happen by default within Kodi.
I have my menu items coloured, so when i am scrolling through the menu the growing text is extremely helpful, but i do not know how to activate the option, could somebody please help?

If i remove the colouring, i can see the menu item is highlighted, but if possible, i would prefer to be able to activate the enlarging text.

Should have mentioned, running Ubuntu 17.10 and latest Kodi.
FTMC is a banned fork of Kodi, and like repositories & add-ons that are on the banned addons (wiki) list, no support will be given.
You will need to visit the FTMC website/forum/whatever for answers to the questions you may have.
Thanks and apologies, but i was just using that as an example of the effect that i mean.

I do not want to use FTMC, i am just looking for how to activate the bubble/enlarge feature within Kodi.
I don't know Amber that much, but I assume it's a functionality in Amber. Kodi has no bubbly features on its own, afaik.
Thanks, i thought this was where to ask.

I have seen a similar effect on other skins, usually on a horizontal menu, i am using vertical menu. I guess i'll keep tinkering and hopefully stumble across it.